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Create Online Exams, Tests, Quizzes, Surveys, etc.

TestPoint is a web-based tool that enables you to manage exams, tests, quizzes or surveys in an easy way. TestPoint has simplest ever, intuitive user interface and it is the most intelligent solution on the market. It's used by educators, non-profits, businesses, other professionals, or just anyone who need to manage exams, tests, quizzes, or surveys online.


TestPoint is a powerful and an excellent Examination Management System. It allows Teachers, Trainers and Examineers to create web-based exams quickly and easily. It provides great functionality to manage exams, tests, quizzes or surveys and publish them online with full security and privacy support.

TestPoint is a fully hosted solution with 24/7 access so you don't need to worrry about installation, backups or upgrades. We deal with all of that while you are focused on creating and managing exams along with your staff and students data. All the data is secured and safely stored on our servers.

TestPoint can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Manage your exams, tests, quizzes or surveys and other related data online from any computer, mobile or tablet devices.


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